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3pc High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator

2023-04-05 16:39:35

Three discs high intensity dry magnetic separator is a dry type magnetic adjustable separating machine,special for separation minerals such as coltan, tungsten, tantalite, cassiterite, wolframite, ilmenite,rare earth ore,chromite, limonite, columbium and tantalum ores, zircon, rutile, monazite, andalusite,garnet,kyanite,feldspar,quartz and other minerals with magnetic differences and removal of iron in nonmetallic minerals.

Working Principle

3pc high intensity dry magnetic separator consists of four electric magnetic coils, three magnet discs, and under the feeding hopper, there is a small low-intensity magnetic drum, which is used for remove iron sand or other high magnetic intensity minerals. The electric control cabinet section consists of components of control, voltage regulation, rectification, instrument and so on.

The disc belt magnetic separator consists of a single belt upon which the feed is distributed across and is transported slowly underneath a series of four electromagnets, the magnetic fields of which lift the magnetic grains off the belt depending on their susceptibility. Underneath each magnet is a smaller faster moving belt across the main belt at right angles which picks up the magnetic grains and transports them away from the magnetic field to discharge into launders. The gap between the main belt and the magnets becomes progressively smaller until only the non-magnetic grains unaffected by the magnetic fields remain on the main belt and discharge off the end.


1.This belt magnetic separator could separate four different useful minerals at one time.

2.4 varieties of final concentrate can be obtained by separation of this Dry Intensified Magnetic Separator.

3.Ta & Nb grade could reach 60% by using our dry magnetic separator.

4.Compact structure, stable performance,easy installation,and convenient operation and maintenance.

5.Magnetic intensity can be adjustable, also can be used for other mineral concentrations.